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Grants To Foster Job Development

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Economic Development


Community Reinvestment Area Incentives

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Local Businesses are important to the community. In realizing this, both the City of Conneaut and the State of Ohio offer terrific incentives for business owners who are looking to develop and grow. In this article, we outline types of incentives that are available and we are always willing to discuss and answer questions.


Ashtabula County Business Incentives

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Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives
In an effort to spur revitalization of Ashtabula County’s industrial base, Ashtabula County has designed an Enterprise Zone to encourage investment and job creation. Within the enterprise zone, which covers 80% of the County, special tax incentives are offered to businesses that invest in capital improvements and create and/or retain jobs. (more…)


State of Ohio Business Incentives

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Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit
Provides corporate franchise or state income tax credit for businesses that expand or locate in Ohio for companies that incur tax liability under ORC Sections 5733.06 or 5747.02. Program will provide a tax credit against the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) beginning on July 1, 2008.Insurance companies that (more…)


Business Registration Form

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If you are planning to open a business in Conneaut, Ohio, please download and submit the following form to the City of Conneaut Income Tax Department prior to conducting any business within the City.

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