About the City Finance Office
The City Finance Office provides a variety of highly responsible organizational, administrative and financial work. The City Finance Office is responsible for providing tax collection, financial reports, investment management, accounting etc. The position of Finance Manager consists of many tasks, which are statutorily defined. The City Finance Office has contact with virtually every aspect of city government.

Primary services provided include:
  • Collect all taxes for the City and other taxing bodies
  • Invest idle funds for maximum interest earnings
  • Maintain the fiscal records for the City
  • Perform record keeping, general billing, collections, banking, investments, accounting and financial reporting of all City operations, including utilities
  • Prepare check vouchers for payment of approved claims for signature
  • Prepare financial and bank statements
  • Prepare monthly financial reports                                       

                                                                          Questions Contact 
                                                              Finance Department at 440-593-7416
                                                Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:25 PM

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
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