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Planning & Zoning

Conneaut Planning and Zoning Department

Mission Statement

The office of Planning & Zoning shall strive to protect the health, safety and general welfare of all citizens and visitors of the The City of Conneaut and protect the environment and our City's physical and natural resources through the professional administration and equitable enforcement of all City codes and ordinances.

The Office of Planning & Zoning shall strive to maintain, update and expand upon staff's knowledge and expertise in state-of-the-art planning practices and code enforcement techniques.  We are committed to training and our staff's professionalism to show competence in public service and stewardship of the public's trust.

In order to download either the Sidewalk Replacement Reimbursement Program or the Tree Removal Reimbursement Program Applications, please click on Forms.

Planning & Zoning Contacts:
Janet Brown - Planning & Zoning Manager
Melanie Shubitowksi - Planning & Zoning Inspectior
Kelley Katon - Planning & Zoning Administrator

The Planning & Zoning Department is located at:
City Hall

294 Main Street
2nd Floor

Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Phone: 440-593-7406
Click here for our current Zoning Map
2014 Zoning Map

Planning Commission Meetings
Held:   1st Tuesday of the Month
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Where:  City Hall - 3rd Floor in Council Chambers

Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings
Held:  3rd Tuesday of the Month
Time:  5:30 P.M.
Where:  City Hall - 3rd Floor in Council Chambers

City of Conneaut Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Conneaut is embarking on an updated comprehensive plan for our community. Conneaut received a $70,000 ODNR Coastal Management Access Grant that will cover the cost of the planning activities. The plan will update its outdated Comprehensive plan to include elements of Smart Growth Principles, Ohio's Balanced Growth Plan, and Ashtabula County's Coastal Management Plan. Specifically focusing on developing policies, development guidelines for coastal waterfront community planning for environmental resilience in tandem with the communities need to update utility facility plans for both of their water and wastewater plants, both plants are situated along the coastline in locations that afford public access to Lake Erie. The key is to maintain each of the plants same footprint, while balance the necessity for plant rehabilitation and future upgrades. In conjunction with the update to the comprehensive plan the community will establish a GIS program to map out all of its significant assets, utilities, to develop a robust inventory to allow it to have more accurate data, be more efficient with its services and will assist with future planning. Part of this initiative also includes surveying the parcels in the port area to have detailed records of ownership. Its very important for the community to set a course for redevelopment that encourages economic development while also protecting its natural resources.

The planning process will consider the following; conservation design and compact development, complete streets, green infrastructure, mixed land uses, low-impact development, innovative storm water retention practices, setbacks from bodies of water, source water protection areas, nutrient management, preservation of natural areas, brownfield redevelopment, woodland protection, preservation of agricultural lands, sustainable water use, historic preservation, design guidelines, and access management with the overarching value to preserve open spaces, cultural, historical and archaeological amenities while preserving Conneaut's unique community character. The project deliverables will be an updated Comprehensive Plan, a Re-development Strategy with Implementation Steps, development of a GIS Mapping System, completed Port vicinity Land Surveys, and two infrastructure Facility Plans.

The basic approach to the City's Plan can be found here. Dates/Timelines are subject to change. 

Other Supporting Documents:

City Planning 
1965 Comprehensive Plan (Large File Size 35MB)
2002 Comprehensive Plan

Port Authority Planning Documents
2011 Port Analysis - Powerpoint MB3 Consulting
2014 Port Charrette/Visioning Report - Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
2016 Port Design Proposal Update - Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Ashtabula County Planning Documents
2013 Ashtabula County Coastal Management Plan

2017 Plan Update

Follow Along the Process

You can find the materials presented in each meeting attached below. Material items are likely to be revised as the process proceeds. 

Meeting 1 May 2, 2017 - Conneaut Public Library 
Plan Overview Power point
Meeting 1 Packet

Meeting 2 June 6, 2017 - New Leaf Event Center
Meeting Power Point
Meeting 2 Packet

Meeting 3 June 27, 2017 - United Church of Christ
Meeting Power Point
Meeting 3 Packet

Public Forum #1 - Conneaut Human Resources Center
Public Forum Power Point
Public Forum #1 Meeting Summary

Meeting 4 August 29, 2017 - New Leaf Event Center
Meeting Power Point
Meeting 4 Packet

Meeting 5 September 12, 2017 - New Leaf Event Center
Meeting 5 Packet

Final Comprehensive Plan
Click Here