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Promoting Good Health
The Nursing Division works to help people stay healthy through
Health Screenings such as high blood pressure and blood glucose.
Disease Investigations of communicable diseases.
Immunizations to children and adults* (see fee schedule below).
Health Advisories about community threats such as rabies, food poisoning outbreaks, epidemics, and emerging pathogens.
Cardiovascular Health Programs to help people make heart healthy choices for living such as tobacco use prevention, nutrition and fitness information, healthy eating habits.
Prevention Programs to deal with sun safety, infant safe sleep, and many other prevention topics.
Know your ABCs A Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Diseases in Ohio 
Click the link above to learn more about reporting infectious diseases
The Conneaut City Health Department provides services that focuses on
Disease and Injury Prevention, through education and immunization clinics.
Environmental Protection for water, air and other resources.
Health Monitoring to keep track of health trends and potential threats to community health.
Enforcement of Health and Safety Codes in housing, public places and businesses  (such as restaurants).
Health Promotion through educational materials, workshops and safety programs.
Emergency Preparedness and Response for disasters, including those related to homeland security (such as biological or chemical incident)
Healthcare Access so all people can get the care they need.
Disease Prevention
A key role of public health is to control the spread of infection and illness by
Promoting Child Immunization Programs
Offering Influenza and Pneumonia Clinics to the public
Responding to Communicable Diseases such as e. coli, salmonella, and shigella infections (often caused by improper handling of food or poor sanitation)
Monitoring Disease Outbreaks including those caused by emerging pathogens, biological and chemical incidents, influenza, or any of the reportable diseases.
Providing Education About HIV/AIDS and other STIs as well as providing referrals for testing and other services.
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The Nursing Division currently provides
Childhood Vaccines
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
*Seasonal Flu

Vaccine Schedule for Ages 0-6 years
Vaccine Schedule for Ages 7-18 years

Adult Vaccines
TD, TDap $10
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
*Covid-19 $10
*Seasonal Flu $25
*Prevnar 13
TB Skin Tests
(Fees Subject to Change)
PLEASE NOTE: Making an appointment for vaccines is highly encouraged due to nursing staff availability. 
*Vaccines eligible to be covered by most insurance plans. For questions pertaining to coverage, please contact your insurance provider.

Conneaut City Health Department Is Increasing Access To Healthcare Through Referrals
The health department links individuals to health care providers who can help meet their specific needs.
Partnerships With Healthcare Providers
The health department partners with health care providers for access to special clinics such as the tuberculosis clinic.